Thai Herbal Supplements

Thai Herbal Supplements

Thai herbal supplements are plants or plant parts used like a medicine to help prevent and cure disease.  Thai people have been using herbal plants for its scent, flavor, and therapeutic properties in folk medicine for centuries to get relief from symptoms, boost energy, relax, or lose weight.  Herbal supplements are for people who want to optimize the physical, mental, and emotional health.  They should be part of an adult daily dietary supplement.

Of the 252 prescription medicines in the World Health Organization’s essential medicine list, 11 percent are exclusively of plant origin.  Natural plant products have been used throughout human history for many purposes.  More than 5,000 years ago, herbal medicine was the only medicine.  Today, plants are being used to treat a number of health concerns and conditions including allergies, arthritis, migraines, skin infection, wounds, burns, gastrointestinal ailments, female and male reproductive systems, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems and even cancer.

Herbal supplements are naturally occurring, plant-derived substances that are used to treat illnesses and to promote wellness.  These products are complex mixtures of organic chemicals that may come from any raw or processed part of a plant.  They can come as pills, capsules, powders, extracts, drinks, and energy bars.

Follow the below guidelines as safety precaution when choosing and taking a supplement

  • Do not take a bigger dose than the label recommends.
  • Check with your health care provider about the supplements you take if you are going to have any type of surgery.
  • Read trustworthy information about the supplement. Look closely at the claims made about the product.  How is the product described?

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